EMALI is an enterprise technology company that develops, licenses, supports, and delivers fintech software, solutions, and related services to the Asia Pacific region, specializing in AI, blockchain, cryptography, security, and privacy technologies.

Below are some solutions and tools which we offer to our clients.


Mediflow expedites the application and approval process of insurance claims by securely and efficiently connecting insurance companies and medical practitioners. The service saves cost, eliminate cross-border duplicated claims, and provide reliable and relevant patient information to medical institutions and insurance companies. Mediflow allows patients to take full control of their own electronic health records, with proprietary blockchain and cryptographic technologies to ensure a high-level of data and privacy protection.

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CredProof is an identity proofing with credential attestation and verification service for academic, employment, and other instances where trusted authentication is required between trustless parties in a private and secure manner in accordance to the EU GDPR. It builds on a Distributed Ledger of a Permissioned Network such that the records are immutable while their privacy and security are protected. CredProof enable the currently manual credentials verification be done in simple steps with the documents sealed by our self-developed Cryptography.

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Our Tools


Digital Identity
Management System

VEDA stands for verification via Dependable Authorities, it is an extensive collection of personal identity and credential with varying degrees of confidence regarding legitimacy.


One Time On-Boarding

Only required to perform on-boarding once

Legitimacy of Client’s Info

Attestations of a client’s identity/credential are digitally signed by authorities

Timeliness of Credential Status

Status of credential can be updated on a timely basis


Credential holder stores his/her identity/credential on his/her devices and provide it efficiently to those who need to validate it, without relying on a central repository of identity/credential

Verification of Identity Attributes

Verifer can verify a holder's credential that have been attested by issuer

Privacy enhancement

For privacy enhancement, holder may provide proof of identity/credential attributes instead of the actual attribute for verifer to verify using zero knowledge proof

Our Initiatives


Immunodex is creating smarter health identity systems for a safer world, starting by facilitating economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. Their technology, designed using our VEDA blockchain stack, presents digital proofs of any user’s health to a verifier (such as an employer, school or business), in a completely tamper-proof and privacy-preserving way. In the interim, this initiative aims to give companies and institutions the assurance they need to resume operations in a safe, healthy environment. Their longer-term vision is to solidify trust in a world where proof-of-health will be key to accessing rights and services.

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